Christ and Evangelization

Our charism originates from a story; it is the story of a young man, Eugene de Mazenod. Throughout his life, he experienced in himself the merciful love of God, manifested in Jesus Christ, the Crucified Savior. We too, inspired by our Founder, recognize the power of CHRIST in us, and we want EVANGELIZE, that is to say, to make Him known and to show by our lives the joy of the Good News.

Love for the Church and the Poor

From Eugene’s meeting with Jesus on the cross, he felt moved by the deplorable situation of the CHURCH of his time, and called to rekindle the flame of faith that was dying in the hearts of so many of her children, especially the poor. Therefore, it is to the POOR above all that we take this message of liberating joy: to the most abandoned humans, those whose situation cries out for justice before God.